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Having trouble loosing  weight?

Worried about type 2 diabetes...

Lacking in will power to stick to a plan long enough for real results?

How many times have you tried and then failed?

Are you sure you're doing it the right way?

What if... all you need is some extra guidance to make sure you're on the right track

I am very excited to bring you a solution to your problems.......

the Total Vitality proven weight loss system.

  • how many diets have you tried and given up without success? 
  • have you had trouble maintaining your weight?
  • do you feel like you'll never find the solution?
  • diagnosed with diabetes or insulin resistance?
  • feeling tired and run down?
  • sick of carrying all that extra weight?
  • is your libido low or are you underfertile?
  • do you have PCOS? 
  • are you short of breath?
  • do you have sleep apnoea? 
  • aching back and sore knees?

This program is the solution to  all of these problems.

Based on 22 years of naturopathic and nutrition experience, this totally holistic program for men, women and children  addresses not only the eating part of weight loss, but also educates  you how your body works so that  you understand what to do and what works..... everything you will ever need to know to change your health forever 


Imagine having  your own personal weight loss expert who is there just for you .....

  • to teach you about how the biochmistry of how your body works, 
  • to design a customized eating plan for your body type,
  • to share with you scrumptuous weight loss recipes
  • help you overcome the emotional obsticles to weight loss,
  • teach you how to set goals and achieve them,
  • take you to a supermarket and teach you how to read food labels so you can tell good foods from bad,
  • teach you how to order take away and chose from menus when you eat out 
  • teach you my 10 secrets about how to deal with those dangerous tempting social occasions.


with continuous and ongoing support you are  assured that you have the best chance of achieving the best possible health outcomes.

the results speak for themselves... 

  • lose up to 2 kg per week
  • regulate your blood sugar
  • improve your  energy and fitness
  • feel in control
  • sleep better
  • get your mojo back
  • cope better with life and stress
  • get the body you've always wanted
  • renewed self-esteem

for a FREE 10 minute assessment  to find out  if this program is right for you  please call me on 0403 172737            

or email me at


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