JuliaTotal Vitality is a naturopathic clinic focused on being the best natural health care clinic in Sydney with  the treatment and prevention of disease from a holistic perspective, in  a welcoming and comfortable, yet professional environment. It is based in the Sydney suburb Inner West of Strathfied (near Burwood and Enfield).

My name is Giulia Mezzapica (pronounced Julia) and I’m a registered naturopath.
I qualified on the 30th November 1998 from the Australasian college of natural therapies in Sydney. After 4 years of full time study I received 4 diplomas: However, all those diplomas don’t make you the best naturopath,   I believe that I have always had the ability to “tune in” to people and find the “real” cause of the dis-ease, and with close to 15 years experience in practice, there is no illness that I cannot help.

 I have natural treatments for most conditions like type 1 and type 2 diabetes,  weight loss, headaches, stress, infertility, men’s problems, chronic diseases (asthma, arthritis, eczema, chronic fatigue syndrome) children (ADD/ASD/ADHD allergies and behavioral and learnig difficulties)  immune deficincy,  digestive disorders (IBD / IBS, ulcers/ reflux) and many, many more.

 I use only the best quality practioner herbs, vitaminsa and medicines and diet, lifestyle and stress  management  programmes to achieve the best result for your condition.


  • Advanced Dip. in Naturopathy
  • Dip. in Homoeopathy
  • Dip. in Nutrition
  • Dip. in Herbal Medicine 

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