I first met Guilia in 2005 after having spent a week in hospital recovering from a ‘pin hole’ in my bowel, the result of diverticulitis.
During my recovery I was on a low fibre diet, which Guilia helped me with. She also had me on dietary supplements that helped me during my recovery.
Guilia has since looked after me with other issues like maintaining a normal blood sugar level, weight reduction, menopause management and many other age related issues.
I see Guilia regularly, and she has me currently on a weight reduction plan which, can I say is working (Thank God for people like Guilia.)
I am 58 and feel fantastic, and very pleased to say that I do not take any prescription drugs.
I have great faith in Guilia and her great ability to treat anything. She has a fantastic knowledge base about what she does, and it is quite obvious that she has a passion for it as well. What I love the most is that I enjoy perfect health with Guilia looking after me.
Glynis  (russel lea)





 I first saw Giulia about 9 months ago as I was very much overweight, suffered from diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  I also had some eczema and sore knees and feet.  Giulia gave a very thorough examination and asked many more questions than I had ever been asked by my GP.  She suggested a low carbohydrate diet and some dietary supplements.   We agreed that there were many meal combinations that I would like that should help me to lose weight.  I commenced that diet 9 months ago and since then have lost over 25 kg.  I have increased my exercise somewhat but the main contributor has been the diet.  I saw Giulia regularly to keep my weight under control and to keep a check on my blood pressure.  At a recent consultation with my cardiologist he confirmed that I could take myself off one of my blood pressure medications.  My eczema has totally cleared up as have my sore knees and feet.  I have much more energy on a daily basis.
I would still like to lose another 25 kg.  It is my goal to eventually be healthy enough to stop taking all prescription medicines. With Giulia's help I am very confident that this will be achievable."


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