The Consultation

At our first meeting I will ask you not only about the condition which you came for but also about the rest of you in detail, in order to help your condition I must consider the whole of you as every part of you relates to the other. This will take about 1.5 hours.  During this time I will also do some tests:   zinc taste test , blood glucose, blood pressure,  iridology, tongue and nail diagnosis. (these are all included at no extra charge)

I would like to think that I have a flexible approach to treatment: realistic, not radical or extreme. Treatment has to be practical affordable and sustainable.

My goal is to give you the minimum amount of medicine which treats as many of your conditions as possible for a speedy recovery and bring you back to the best health and vitality possible for you.

When you come and see me I may prescribe any of the following :


I am supportive of modern medicine, many of my patients take pharmaceuticals and I work along side that to support the patient’s needs, however, if we can we do find a suitable natural substitute without the side effects.

Your prescription will be unique to you, and will change as your needs change.

I use only the best quality products as to get the optimum results and value for your money. For your convenience I can supply you with everything you need, there's no need to go hunting for health food shops.

A standard 1.5hr initial consultation is  $195 (health fund rebates and pensioner rates available) if you are coming to see me for fertility or cancer suppport the initial consultation  will need  2 hrs at a charge of  $230.
Your follow up consultation will vary from 20-45 minutes , depending on your condition, and will cost  $95 

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